Thursday, September 09, 2004

Still Holding

Michael Hawthorne has now acquired the starting position at conerback after beating out the Packers first round draft pick, Ahmad Carroll. Originally the position belonged to the Packers defensive star of 2003, Mike Mekenzie. Mekenzie is still a hold out, after being upset with the team when several lesser talented conerbacks were being compensated more than him. When April came around, Mekenzie asked to be traded. In the end, head coach Mike Sherman says Mekenzies' hold out has not been a distraction, and it hasn't.

The battle between Hawthorne and Carroll this pre-season proved both can play, yet Hawthorne will have the upper hand over Carroll against Carolina. Hawthorne picked up from the Saints, was team mates with Jake Delhomme from 2000-2002. Hawthorne has more than enough knowledge and practice against Delhomme. I am sure this is why the coaches started Hawthorne over Carroll.

Carroll was a three year stand out at Arkansas and was the 25 pick overall in the draft this year. Carroll gave a taste of what he can do with a pick in the final pre-season game.

"And Carroll is going to play, he's going to play in the base, as well. He's just not going to start the game," Sherman said.

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