Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Safety Net

For the 2005 draft it seemed the motif was one of need rather than quality. Well that trend broke with the 24th pick overall, when your Green Bay Packers took quarterback Aaron Rodgers from Cal, after the 49ers decided on Alex Smith and left Rodgers ‘flapping in the wind’.

This decision belonged to first year General Manager Ted Thompson and I have to give my ‘props’ to Thompson for not letting need dictate his pick. Thompson took the best player that was on the board.

In all honestly I find this pick to be smart simply because the future of Brett Favre is yet undetermined. Don’t get me wrong I think Brett Favre is hands the best in the league. Favre is a warrior and true leader on and off the field but he has had rough this past two years and is considering retiring. So consider Rodgers as a safety net.

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breier1746 said...

What the 24 pick in the 05 draft was the most usless pick Ive seen more of well Ill tack this pick so no one else can get him. With weankness on deffeces and on offence the pick could have been better utilized