Saturday, October 08, 2005

Another Rough Week for Packers

It looks like the 0-4 Packers are in for another rough week. They are playing the New Orleans Saints, but it looks like their biggest opponent this weekend will be themselves. The Packers will have to play even more shorthanded than they already are with tight end Bubba Franks, running back Ahman Green, and left tackle Chad Clifton all questionable for this Sunday’s game. If the Packers are to dig themselves out of this hole, they would need to begin this weekend with games coming up against the Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles, and Atlanta Falcons.


Nita said...

I guess the Green Bay Packers have finaly found their groove! Don't be a doubter be a supporter. I have found this season so far to be a real humm-dinger. From now on it will be which team comes out on the field.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Bears fan. Recent, one year wonder luck has sadden me. A little luck and being conservative on offence will not build a dynasty. I shall offer this advice. The most productive running back the Bears have during pre season will be cut. P.J. Pope.
The Packers need ball players. You need backs. Pick Pope up as soon as the Deangelo lets him go. This is his resume, (written by others, not me)
BGSU's tailback for the last four years, has a modest chance to land a spot on the Chicago Bears roster. Two of the team's running backs are hurt (physically, not emotionally —- if they are hurt emotionally, they don't mention it in the injury report). This put His Popeness second on the depth chart for training camp. He's gotten the bulk of carries for the Bears during the first two preseason games, rushing for 74 yards on 22 attempts.

The bad news for Pope is that the aforementioned hurt backs, Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson, should be healthy by the time the season starts. Their triumphant returns may hurt Pope emotionally.