Sunday, April 16, 2006

Please Brett. Let the torch to another.

How long can Brett Favre take to decide whether he is fit to play in 2006? This is killing the fans. It is like everyone but he knows Favre needs to step down. The Green Bay Packers were great once under the leadership of Brett Favre, but they can’t be again. It is a simple case of Brett not having the same fire he had in his youth. It is ok though. He had a lot of good years with the Green Bay Packers and retiring now will earn him the respect of fans and players alike. There is something to be said for quitting while you are ahead. He’s not going to be ahead for long. There will come a time when people stop having faith in him despite his storied past.


Anonymous said...

Some fan you are, glad to see that you are like the other nieve football fans that seem to think last year was Favre's fault!

Anonymous said...

Brett still has what it takes to lead this team to big things. He can only do so much when you dont have the talent in there to make the plays.

Anonymous said...

That post makes me sick and I'm so glad to see you have to eat those stupid words this season.