Sunday, October 01, 2006

Looking Forward to Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football

First thing -- my apologies to the beautiful Cheeseheads out there who had kind things to say and haven't yet gotten a response. Green Bay Packers fans are the best! I've hated being away from a chance to discuss by favorite NFL team with you, but sometimes real life messes with blog-life. More about that later. Or maybe not.

Anyway, the Packers have been gettting by without me, with some pretty decent defense even in the games we lost to two teams who seem to be on a roll, the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints. And the sweet taste of victory over the Lions in Detroit! Wouldn't it be fun to take that momentum to Philadelphia, where we take on the Eagles Monday night!

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Anonymous said... Monday night wasn't so great for the Packers. That's ok because it's not the first time it's's been 40 plus years since we've won at Philly. However, i was hoping for a break from "the curse". Brett still has it in him to lead the game, BUT everyone has to work together. It doesn't come down to just any one guy. Several made mistakes, but things matter how much skill you tend to have. I love the Packers and have been a loyal fan for years and I only want to say that I urge the fans to continue to show undying support for the team and show them that we are behind them, win or lose. (Of course, winning is always better...) We also need to show them we are patient because I for one have faith that this season WILL be better than last season. GO YOU PACKERS GO!