Monday, October 22, 2007

Always sad to see a great one go...

Former Packers Great Max McGee Dies In Fall

"McGee caught the first touchdown pass in Super Bowl history in 1967, a game he expected to watch from the sideline. When it was over, he had caught seven passes for 138 yards and two TDs and Green Bay -- coached by the great Vince Lombardi -- had beaten the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10."

Sigh... died from falling off the roof of his house while clearing leaves. Seems wrong somehow, after a career like his.



Anonymous said...

Too bad it wasn't Favre who died. Or his dad again. I wish his dad was alive so he could die again. Im sick of hearing about that. I watch the Packers to watch football, not hear about people's problems.

Green Bay's problem is they turn football into a soap opera.

Hey Deanna Favre, shut the hekc up!

favre4life said...

ay dood hoo posted da first comment,SHUT THE F*** UP,U B****